AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysBump to 2.2.5Mario Ortiz Manero
2021-10-21Bump to v2.2.4Mario Ortiz Manero
2021-09-10Bump to v2.2.3Mario Ortiz Manero
2021-05-14bump to v2.2.2Mario Ortiz Manero
2021-05-10bump to v2.2.1Mario Ortiz Manero
2021-05-08bump to 2.2.0Mario Ortiz Manero
2020-11-11Bump to v2.1.0Mario Ortiz Manero
2020-10-25Bump to version 2.0Oliver Ford
2020-10-25Demote 'polybar' in descriptionOliver Ford
2020-10-25Add [polybar-]pulseaudio-control @ v.1.3Oliver Ford