AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-16Version bumpJoão Figueiredo
2022-04-15version bumpJoão Figueiredo
2022-02-12bumpJoão Figueiredo
2021-12-20Recompile with new boost-libsJoão Figueiredo
2021-07-15Adjust to project name changeJoão Figueiredo
2021-05-18Make more stuff optionalJoão Figueiredo
2021-03-14Update to 4.8.5João Figueiredo
2021-02-05Using cp -L now, to account for an issue with a customJoão Figueiredo
2021-02-03Update to 4.8.4João Figueiredo
2021-02-02Tidy up build() and package()João Figueiredo
2021-02-02Fix SVG rendering issue in Qt environmentsJoão Figueiredo
2021-02-02Initial commitJoão Figueiredo