AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-28update pkgbuildTruocolo
2024-01-28update pkgbuildTruocolo
2024-01-10fix very probable errorTruocolo
2024-01-10update pkgTruocolo
2023-08-28add LICENSEPellegrino Prevete
2023-06-17upgrade to 0.7.3Pellegrino Prevete
2021-11-21Upgrade to 0.4.0Pellegrino Prevete
2021-08-10upgrade to v0.3.4Pellegrino Prevete
2020-08-20Bump to v0.1.15Sam Whited
2020-07-14Bump to v0.1.14Sam Whited
2020-06-24Bump to v0.1.12Sam Whited
2020-05-29Move evolution to required depsSam Whited
2020-05-29Bump to v0.1.11Sam Whited
2020-04-22Bump to v0.1.10Sam Whited
2020-04-12Add aarch64Sam Whited
2020-03-17Bump to v0.1.9Sam Whited
2020-02-28Bump to v0.1.8Sam Whited
2020-01-22Bump to v0.1.7Sam Whited
2020-01-22Bump to v0.1.6Sam Whited
2020-01-13Bump to v0.1.5Sam Whited
2019-12-15Bump to 0.1.4Sam Whited
2019-12-09purism-chatty: bump to v0.1.3 and fix licenseSam Whited
2019-11-19Bump to v0.1.2Sam Whited
2019-11-04Fix dependenciesSam Whited
2019-11-04Bump to v0.1.1Sam Whited
2019-06-19Initial version v0.0.7Sam Whited