AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-15Swap libolm-git for libolmOlivia Mackintosh
2020-06-06Update .SRCINFO for last commitOlivia Mackintosh
2020-06-06Support opt crypto and bump pkgverOlivia Mackintosh
2018-08-05Bump for compatibility with recent upstream commits - disable E2EBryce Chidester
2017-05-23Update .SRCINFOBryce Chidester
2017-05-23Update to latest commit.Bryce Chidester
2016-10-13Typo'd the dependencies.Bryce Chidester
2016-10-13Bumped .SRCINFOBryce Chidester
2016-10-13Updated depends field with *all* dependencies.Bryce Chidester
2015-12-21Initial commit.Christoph Seitz