AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-09Update to 1.7.r18.g8b29d7b-1Björn Bidar
2018-10-041.5.r10.90007bf-1Colin Arnott
2017-12-10bump version and tweak PKGBUILDColin Arnott
2016-12-05Merge branch 'master' of aur:purple-skypeweb-gitColin Arnott
2016-12-05version bumpColin Arnott
2016-09-09move to new versioning system, bump version: r942.f477d9eColin Arnott
2016-07-08bump version to 20160707.1.1.31.g6dfaf0a-1Colin Arnott
2016-01-20added skype4pidgin conflict and updated version to b352617 commitColin Arnott
2016-01-06added .gitignore, migrated to 'any' arch, added provides and conflicts to wor...Colin Arnott
2015-07-19Bump + change version to dateJo De Boeck
2015-07-10Add pkg-config as make dependencyJo De Boeck
2015-07-03Version bumpJo De Boeck
2015-06-19Build against commit ba5483c9Jo De Boeck
2015-06-14Use make install of packageJo De Boeck
2015-06-14Bump version with upstreamJo De Boeck
2015-06-08Add packageJo De Boeck