AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-19Update to latest from upstream.Albert Graef
2019-08-15Switch back to release branch, now that changes have been merged upstream.Albert Graef
2019-08-12Add missing lua dependency.Albert Graef
2019-08-08Latest bugfixes and updates (nwjs 0.24.4, Gem 0.94).Albert Graef
2019-04-17Update to latest release.Albert Graef
2019-02-27Update to latest upstream.Albert Graef
2019-02-08Update to latest upstream.Albert Graef
2019-02-05Update to latest upstream, remove libunicap and libsndobj-git dependencies.Albert Graef
2018-10-02Update to latest upstream source.Albert Graef
2018-10-01Update Gem patch.Albert Graef
2018-09-25Latest upstream.Albert Graef
2018-09-23Latest upstream.Albert Graef
2018-09-22Update .SRCINFO.Albert Graef
2018-09-22Update to latest release, remove gmerlin dependency.Albert Graef
2018-06-02Latest upstream.Albert Graef
2018-04-16Latest upstream (2.5.1 release).Albert Graef
2018-04-05Bugfix in pd~.Albert Graef
2018-04-04Update flite1 dependency to fliteAlbert Graef
2018-04-04Update to latest upstream.Albert Graef
2018-03-252.5.0 releaseAlbert Graef
2018-03-24Latest upstream.Albert Graef
2018-03-23Latest upstream (2.5.0 release).Albert Graef
2018-03-22Latest upstream (improvements in help browser).Albert Graef
2018-03-21Latest upstream (improvements in help browser).Albert Graef
2018-03-20Latest upstream (added pd-lua and disis_munger, important fixes to toplevel M...Albert Graef
2018-03-14Update to latest upstream, change of upstream repo (moved to BB).Albert Graef
2018-02-12New upstream revision (bugfixes).Albert Graef
2018-02-02New upstream release.Albert Graef
2018-01-28New upstream release.Albert Graef
2018-01-16New upstream revision (bugfixes).Albert Graef
2018-01-04New upstream release.Albert Graef
2018-01-03Fix up ImageMagick dependency (Gem needs libmagick6).Albert Graef
2017-12-14New upstream release.Albert Graef
2017-12-13Remove some obsolete dependencies.Albert Graef
2017-12-13Hotfix (nested gop crash bug)Albert Graef
2017-12-12New upstream release.Albert Graef
2017-12-09New upstream release.Albert Graef
2017-11-29Update to latest upstream (new release).Albert Graef
2017-11-02Update to latest upstream.Albert Graef
2017-11-01Update to latest upstream.Albert Graef
2017-10-31Update to latest upstream.Albert Graef
2017-10-30Update to latest upstream (2.4.1 release).Albert Graef
2017-07-21Update to latest upstream.Albert Graef
2017-06-03Update to latest upstream (2.2.1 release).Albert Graef
2017-05-09Package updates.Albert Graef
2017-05-05Update to latest upstream, bump nw.js to 0.22.1.Albert Graef
2017-04-28Update to latest upstream, bump nw.js to 0.22.0.Albert Graef
2017-04-17Update PKGBUILD (re-add missing bash completion file).Albert Graef
2017-04-06Update to latest upstream revision.Albert Graef
2017-04-01Update to latest upstream revision.Albert Graef