AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-21Edit depedenciesMaxence Sartiaux
2016-12-11Fix typomakz
2016-12-11Add gnome-keyring dependencyYmakz
2016-10-22Update to 1.2.7makz
2016-05-12Fix MD5sumy0no
2016-05-12Hum... seem to find a way to update package...y0no
2016-05-12Updated to 1.2.3y0no
2016-02-28Update to 1.0.4y0no
2016-02-05Update to v1.0.4y0no
2015-09-11Adds dependenciesYoann Ono Dit Biot
2015-09-11Fix issue on pydio-agentYoann Ono Dit Biot
2015-09-11First commitYoann Ono Dit Biot