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2024-02-03Bump version to 24.0Carlos Aznarán
2023-12-18Auto updated to 23.3.2Auto update bot
2023-10-22Auto updated to 23.3.1Auto update bot
2023-10-16Auto updated to 23.3Auto update bot
2023-07-24Auto updated to 23.2.1Auto update bot
2023-07-17Bump version to 23.2Carlos Aznarán Laos
2023-04-26Bump version to 23.1.2Carlos Aznarán Laos
2023-04-22Bump version to 23.1.1Carlos Aznarán Laos
2023-04-15Bump version to 23.1Carlos Aznarán Laos
2023-02-18Bump version to 23.0.1Carlos Aznarán Laos
2023-02-11Bump version to 23.0Carlos Aznarán Laos
2020-01-31updated to 20.0.2dustball
2019-08-10updated to 19.2.1dustball
2018-12-16bump to 18.1dustball
2018-07-07updated to 10.0.1dustball
2017-11-05metadata cleanupdustball
2017-01-11update to 9.0.1dustball
2016-05-15Update. Depends corrected. URL-Format changed, the version isn't incrementabl...dustball
2016-03-20Bump to 8.1.1dustball
2016-02-27Bump to 8.0.3dustball
2015-09-13Update to 7.1.2dustball