AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-16Bump pkgrelAxel Gembe
2020-07-16Move to new upstream repoAxel Gembe
2020-04-06Make chromaprint dep optional and remove python-numpyAxel Gembe
2020-01-06Bump pkgrelAxel Gembe
2020-01-06Fix changedir arguments in regards to previous commithashworks
2019-12-29Rename source folder and add provides / conflits on pyresceneAxel Gembe
2019-12-29Update to version 816Axel Gembe
2019-12-02Switch to Python 3Axel Gembe
2019-11-20Fix execute bit for RAR 2.02 and 2.50Axel Gembe
2019-11-09Remove RAR 5.50 binaryAxel Gembe
2019-11-09Update to version 806Axel Gembe
2016-04-14updated ownership of rarlinux filesdryes
2016-04-05updated dependencies arraydryes
2015-11-28update srcinfodryes
2015-11-28update repo urldryes
2015-10-01PKGBUILD rewritedryes
2015-10-01Initial importdryes
2015-09-28Initial importdryes