AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-18Bump to 0.5.2Simon Perry (Pezz)
2019-09-30Bump to 0.5.1Simon Perry (Pezz)
2018-09-27xclip should be depends not optdepends, xsel not neededSimon Perry (Pezz)
2018-09-27Add optdepends as per AUR suggestion from DeliveranceSimon Perry (Pezz)
2018-09-10Bump to 0.4Simon Perry (Pezz)
2018-08-07Bump to 0.3.1Simon Perry (Pezz)
2018-07-19Removed uneeded pathSimon Perry (Pezz)
2018-07-19Fix startup for better window titleSimon Perry (Pezz)
2018-07-19Initial commitSimon Perry (Pezz)