AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-30add package to groupRobert Kubosz
2018-07-29removed an omitted python2 dependencyRobert Kubosz
2018-07-29update to v3.0.0 and drop python2 supportRobert Kubosz
2018-02-07fix errors during buildRobert Kubosz
2018-01-30bump versionRobert Kubosz
2018-01-30added back python2 supportRobert Kubosz
2018-01-29bump package releaseRobert Kubosz
2018-01-29remove python2 packageRobert Kubosz
2017-10-15new package versionRobert Kubosz
2017-05-04cleaned up the PKGBUILDRobert Kubosz
2017-05-04change in package description. Still don't know if it is okayRobert Kubosz
2017-05-04fix timidity dependencyRobert Kubosz
2017-05-04add optional dependenciesRobert Kubosz
2017-05-04add dependencyRobert Kubosz
2017-05-04v2.20Robert Kubosz
2017-04-23initial commitRobert Kubosz