AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-20Update to 3.18.0. Remove python2-aseRoss Whitfield
2018-11-13Update to 3.17.0Ross Whitfield
2018-07-06Update to 3.16.2Ross Whitfield
2018-05-15Update to 3.16.0Ross Whitfield
2017-10-02Update to 3.15.0Ross Whitfield
2017-06-28Update to 3.14.1Ross Whitfield
2017-06-21Update to 3.14.0Ross Whitfield
2017-02-07Update to 3.13.0Ross Whitfield
2016-10-25Update to 3.12.0Ross Whitfield
2016-07-25Remove conflict between python 2 and 3 versions.Ross Whitfield
2016-05-26Add python2 packageRoss Whitfield
2016-05-25Initial commit for python-aseRoss Whitfield