AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-25Add python-pyvo as a dependency. Bug reported by privong.Médéric Boquien
2022-03-23Update to version 0.4.6.Médéric Boquien
2021-12-27Update to version 0.4.5.Médéric Boquien
2021-12-13Update for python 3.10.Médéric Boquien
2021-11-20Update to version 0.4.4.Médéric Boquien
2021-07-08Update to version 0.4.3.Médéric Boquien
2021-05-22New maintainer. Small improvements to the PKGBUILD. Update to version 0.4.2.Médéric Boquien
2020-08-10update to 0.4.1Miguel de Val-Borro
2020-01-27update to 0.4Miguel de Val-Borro
2019-11-05Update to 0.3.10Miguel de Val-Borro
2018-12-31update to 0.3.9Miguel de Val-Borro
2018-06-18update astroqueryMiguel de Val-Borro
2018-02-04update to astroquery 0.3.7Miguel de Val-Borro
2018-01-17tangled emailMiguel de Val-Borro
2018-01-17astroquery 0.3.6Miguel de Val-Borro