AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-13Update to 2.0.60Kelsey Maes
2019-01-01Update to 2.0.52Kelsey Maes
2018-11-18Update to 2.0.50Kelsey Maes
2018-08-12Update to 2.0.44Kelsey Maes
2018-07-09Update to 2.0.41Kelsey Maes
2018-07-01Update to 2.0.40Kelsey Maes
2018-06-09Update to 2.0.35Kelsey Maes
2018-04-08Update to 2.0.31Kelsey Maes
2018-03-25Update to 2.0.30 and add dependenciesKelsey Maes
2018-03-03Updated to 2.0.28Kelsey Maes
2018-01-28Update to 2.0.26Kelsey Maes
2018-01-23Update to 2.0.25Kelsey Maes
2017-12-10Update to 2.0.22 and add applicationinsights dependencyKelsey Maes
2017-11-16Condense all submodules into a single package and update to 2.0.21Kelsey Maes
2017-05-012.0.4 updateKelsey Maes
2017-03-19Add most of the CLI submodulesKelsey Maes
2017-03-19Initial commitKelsey Maes