AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-29don't stop on test failureMark Wagie
2024-01-22switch to Poetry build backendMark Wagie
2023-07-09Add python to depends.Donald Webster
2022-10-05Update to v2.2.1.Donald Webster
2022-10-05Update to v2.2.0.Donald Webster
2022-06-09Update to v2.1.2.Donald Webster
2022-06-07Update to v2.1.0.Donald Webster
2022-04-27Update to v2.0.1.Donald Webster
2022-04-26Update to v2.0.0.Donald Webster
2021-12-12Bump pkgrel to trigger rebuild for python 3.10.Donald Webster
2021-07-14Update to v1.11.1.Donald Webster
2021-07-14Remove python2 support.Donald Webster
2021-07-12Update to v1.11.0.Donald Webster
2020-12-02Bump pkgrel for Python 3.9.0.Donald Webster
2019-12-07Update to v1.10.0.Donald Webster
2019-11-20Update to v1.9.2.Donald Webster
2019-11-16Update to v1.9.0.Donald Webster
2019-07-24PKGBUILD cleanup.Donald Webster
2019-07-23PKGBUILD cleanup.Donald Webster
2019-06-22Add python2-backoff.Donald Webster
2019-06-21Fix pkgdesc.Donald Webster
2019-06-21Fix maintainer.Donald Webster
2019-06-21Initial version of python-backoff.Donald Webster