AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-27Updated to version 3.3.4notEvil
2024-01-08Updated to version 3.3.3notEvil
2023-12-09Updated to version 3.3.2notEvil
2023-11-12Updated to version 3.3.1notEvil
2023-10-16Updated to version 3.3.0notEvil
2023-08-22Updated to version 3.2.2notEvil
2023-07-24Updated to version 3.2.1notEvil
2023-06-25Updated to version 3.2.0notEvil
2023-05-10Updated to version 3.1.1notEvil
2023-03-10Updated to version 3.1.0notEvil
2023-01-06forgot .SRCINFO, newb herenotEvil
2023-01-06bumped to 3.0.3, replaced old build system with new and aligned depends with ...notEvil
2022-12-04Actually updated to version 3.0.2 since it was already outgondsman
2022-12-04Updated to version 3.0.1gondsman
2022-05-19Updated to version 2.4.3gondsman
2021-12-10Updated to version 2.4.2gondsman
2021-09-22Updated to version 2.4.0 and updated dependenciesgondsman
2021-08-05Updated to version 2.3.3gondsman
2021-05-19Updated to version 2.3.2gondsman
2021-03-19Updated to version 2.3.0gondsman
2021-01-13Updated to version 2.2.3Pierpaolo Valerio
2020-10-08Updated to version 2.2.1Pierpaolo Valerio
2020-07-23Updated to version 2.1.1Pierpaolo Valerio
2020-04-27Updated to version 2.0.2Pierpaolo Valerio
2020-04-01Updated to version 2.0.1Pierpaolo Valerio
2020-03-13Updated to version 2.0.0Pierpaolo Valerio
2019-11-25Added makedependsPierpaolo Valerio
2019-11-25Updated to version 1.4.0 (this version removes python2 compatibility)Pierpaolo Valerio
2019-09-06Removed useless makedepends (I'm stupid, sorry)Pierpaolo Valerio
2019-08-30Updated optional dependenciesPierpaolo Valerio
2019-08-20Updated to version 1.3.4Pierpaolo Valerio
2019-07-05Updated to version 1.2.0Pierpaolo Valerio
2019-04-18Updated to version 1.1.0Pierpaolo Valerio
2019-01-25Updated to version 1.0.4Pierpaolo Valerio
2018-12-06Updated to version 1.0.2Pierpaolo Valerio
2018-11-15Added phantomjs optdependPierpaolo Valerio
2018-11-07Updated to version 1.0.1Pierpaolo Valerio
2018-10-25Updated to version 1.0.0Pierpaolo Valerio
2018-08-07Bumped release version and updated maintainer infoPierpaolo Valerio
2018-06-26Updated to version 0.13.0Pierpaolo Valerio
2018-06-04Updated to version 0.12.16Pierpaolo Valerio
2018-04-230.12.15Michel Zou
2018-01-120.12.13Michel Zou
2017-11-060.12.10Michel Zou
2017-09-150.12.9Michel Zou
2017-08-26optdepend on bkchartsMichel Zou
2017-07-300.12.6Michel Zou
2017-06-030.12.5Michel Zou
2016-10-300.12.3Michel Zou
2016-09-150.12.2Michel Zou