AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-04Update git pull protocolMaximilian Weiss
2021-12-17Rel bump to force rebuild for python 3.10Maximilian Weiss
2021-04-12Update to v0.1.32 and fix version detectionMaximilian Weiss
2020-12-07Rel bump to rebuild package python 3.9 upgradeMaximilian Weiss
2020-11-09Occasional update in case people aren't updating their -git packagesMaximilian Weiss
2019-11-14Rel bump to force re-install for python 3.8Maximilian Weiss
2019-09-17Version bump just to make sure people have updatedMaximilian Weiss
2018-04-24Version bump to force upgradeMaximilian Weiss
2018-02-26Added missing dependency listMaximilian Weiss
2017-12-14Version bump to prompt upgradeMaximilian Weiss
2017-11-07Minor bugfix for getting future tagsMaximilian Weiss
2017-11-07Initial commitMaximilian Weiss