AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-21use SPDX license identifiersMark Wagie
2024-01-08disable tests for nowMark Wagie
2024-01-06remove commentMark Wagie
2024-01-06remove shebangs, hopefully isolate testsMark Wagie
2024-01-06disable pytest warningsMark Wagie
2023-12-121.3.9Mark Wagie
2023-12-101.3.8Mark Wagie
2023-07-201.3.6Mark Wagie
2023-07-191.3.5Mark Wagie
2023-07-191.3.3Mark Wagie
2023-03-071.2.1Mark Wagie
2023-02-261.2.0Mark Wagie
2023-02-231.1.3Mark Wagie
2023-02-181.1.1Mark Wagie
2023-01-161.0.1Mark Wagie
2023-01-161.0.0Mark Wagie
2022-11-22adjust dependenciesMark Wagie
2022-11-22correct dependenciesMark Wagie
2022-11-220.11.0Mark Wagie
2022-11-13remove errant depMark Wagie
2022-11-13Temporarily skip until next version is releasedMark Wagie
2022-10-30minor adjustmentsMark Wagie
2022-10-300.10Mark Wagie
2022-10-06version bump -> 0.9.2A Frederick Christensen
2022-06-04version bumpA Frederick Christensen
2022-04-25Add optdepends for current issue with python-caldavA Frederick Christensen
2022-04-25Version bump -> 0.9.0A Frederick Christensen
2022-01-10Correct .SRCINFOA Frederick Christensen
2022-01-10Version bump -> 0.8.2A Frederick Christensen
2021-03-25Update to version 0.8.0A Frederick Christensen
2020-11-24Update to version 0.7.1A Frederick Christensen
2020-05-29Version Bump -> 0.7.0A Frederick Christensen
2019-06-28Update to version 0.6.2A Frederick Christensen
2019-06-02Update to version 0.6.1A Frederick Christensen
2018-08-31Oops. .SRCINFOA Frederick Christensen
2018-08-31Python 3.6 -> Python 3.7A Frederick Christensen
2017-08-28Initial commit. Works. Dumb copy of python2-caldav.A Frederick Christensen