AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-10update to release 37.1.0Michael Mugnai
2022-03-26update to release 37.0.7Michael Mugnai
2022-02-04update to release 37.0.4Michael Mugnai
2022-01-25update to release 37.0.3Michael Mugnai
2022-01-23update to release 37.0.2Michael Mugnai
2021-12-19update to 37.0.1 releaseMichael Mugnai
2021-11-23update to release 3.7.0Michael Mugnai
2021-11-22update to release 3.5.0Michael Mugnai
2021-08-19update to release 36.4.0Michael Mugnai
2021-08-18update to release 36.3.0Michael Mugnai
2021-07-29add missing dependencyMichael Mugnai
2021-07-29update version to last release and improve PKGBUILDMichael Mugnai
2019-05-29Initial importEthan Zonca