AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-20version 1.7.2Cayetano Santos
2022-09-19version 1.7.0Cayetano Santos
2021-12-14cleanup readmeCayetano Santos
2021-12-14Updated to 1.6.1Cayetano Santos
2021-06-02ci: upload artifact even when failureCayetano Santos
2021-06-02Fix pkgver / pkgrelCayetano Santos
2021-06-02ci: globbing in artifactCayetano Santos
2021-06-01ci: include base-devel in archlinux imageCayetano Santos
2021-06-01CI: missing python-pipCayetano Santos
2021-06-01CI: missing gitCayetano Santos
2021-06-01CI: include resulting package as an artifactCayetano Santos
2021-06-01simplify ciCayetano Santos
2021-05-28Add python-pip as a make dependencyCayetano Santos
2021-05-22Updated to 1.5.2Cayetano Santos
2021-03-12Release update to 1.5Cayetano Santos
2021-01-13fix errors with provide and conflictsCayetano Santos
2020-07-18specify where project lives in readmeCayetano Santos
2020-07-09update to 1.4.0Cayetano Santos
2020-07-09update to 1.3.2Cayetano Santos
2020-05-01readme fileCayetano Santos
2020-05-01ci: updated yaml fileCayetano Santos
2020-04-29comply with wikiCayetano Santos
2020-04-29makedepends duplicatedCayetano Santos
2020-04-22gcc as makedependCayetano Santos
2020-04-22forget about binutilsCayetano Santos
2020-04-22binutils as makedependCayetano Santos
2020-04-22add setuptools as dependencyCayetano Santos
2020-03-21Fix conflictsCayetano Santos
2020-03-21independent repo python-cocotbCayetano Santos
2020-03-16Updates to 1.3.1Cayetano Santos
2020-03-08Fixes and cleanupCayetano Santos
2020-03-08Update package functionCayetano Santos
2020-03-08Include make depend on setuptoolsCayetano Santos
2020-03-08Update linksCayetano Santos
2020-03-08Update srcinfo accordinglyCayetano Santos
2020-03-08Update package functionCayetano Santos
2020-03-08update sourceCayetano Santos
2020-03-08Remove dependency on swigCayetano Santos
2020-03-08Update to latest 1.3.0Cayetano Santos
2019-03-02Adding working PKGBUILD. Installs to /usr/local as that is where the makefile...mox