AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-120.8.4Dmitry Kharitonov
2019-02-14Updated to 0.8.3Dmitry Kharitonov
2018-09-18Updated to 0.8.2Dmitry Kharitonov
2018-06-07Updated to 0.8.1Dmitry Kharitonov
2016-08-17Revert splitting the package, as makepkg doesn't support building split packa...Dmitry Kharitonov
2016-08-17Revert "Making the split package"Dmitry Kharitonov
2016-08-17Revert "Fix python2 package building"Dmitry Kharitonov
2016-08-15Fix python2 package buildingDmitry Kharitonov
2016-08-13Making the split packageDmitry Kharitonov
2016-08-13This package would be for python3 library from now onDmitry Kharitonov
2016-08-06Removed outdated regex from PKGBUILDDmitry Kharitonov
2016-08-06Updated to 0.8Dmitry Kharitonov
2016-05-14Updated to 0.7.2; modified source URL in accordance to last pypi link changesDmitry Kharitonov
2016-03-15Updated to 0.7.1Dmitry Kharitonov
2015-08-26Updated to 0.7Dmitry Kharitonov
2015-08-15Updated to 0.6.1Dmitry Kharitonov
2015-08-13Updated to 0.6Dmitry Kharitonov
2015-08-08Updated to 0.5Dmitry Kharitonov
2015-07-11Initial importDmitry Kharitonov