AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-14Warning seem python-fitsio seems a bussy git repo. other packages will point ...andalenavals
2018-01-04explicit pkgbase, not using variablesandalenavals
2018-01-04Included check(), split the PKGBUILDandalenavals
2017-12-29Correcting pkgver()m the project included tagsandalenavals
2017-12-29removing empty or commented out variables, solving numpy dependences, perfect...andalenavals
2017-11-01changing arch and defining --prefix and --root flagsandalenavals
2017-11-01Adding license and change the sourceandalenavals
2017-11-01Changing the descriptionandalenavals
2017-10-31The package build of the version python-fitsio is almost one year oldandalenavals