AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-05bump to 2.5.2knedl1k
2023-11-10version update 2.5.1knedl1k
2023-11-01version bumped to 2.51.0knedl1k
2023-07-17Bump version to 2.4.10Carlos Aznarán Laos
2023-05-21Bump version to 2.4.9Carlos Aznarán Laos
2022-10-06update to 2.4.3Luis Martinez
2022-08-17update to 2.3.5Luis Martinez
2019-03-11clean chroot test, dependecies and galsim-commonandalenavals
2017-10-30Still there are some issues to solve. The most important python-galsim E: Ins...andalenavals