AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-31update to 1.5.0Luis Martinez
2022-08-04packaging updateLuis Martinez
2022-03-04update PKGBUILD according to new Python packaging guidelinesLuis Martinez
2021-12-13python 3.10 rebuildLuis Martinez
2021-10-05update to 1.3.0Luis Martinez
2021-09-27small fixesLuis Martinez
2021-09-20move google-crc32c to depends from optdependsLuis Martinez
2021-09-20update to 1.2.0Luis Martinez
2021-09-09update to 1.1.5Luis Martinez
2021-02-18Updated to version 1.1.2Kaizhao Zhang
2020-09-24Initial import with version 1.0.0Kaizhao Zhang