AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-23Update to 1.1.0Blair Bonnett
2022-08-02Update to 1.0.2Blair Bonnett
2022-07-17Update to 1.0.1Blair Bonnett
2022-04-02Update to 1.0.0.Blair Bonnett
2022-03-19Update to 0.15.0.Blair Bonnett
2022-03-05Update to 0.14.1.Blair Bonnett
2022-02-25Update to 0.14.0Blair Bonnett
2022-01-20Update to 0.13.1Blair Bonnett
2022-01-12Update to 0.13.0Blair Bonnett
2021-12-20Update to 0.12.0Blair Bonnett
2021-04-24Update to 0.11.0Blair Bonnett
2021-02-12Update to 0.10.0Blair Bonnett
2021-02-10Update to 0.9.0Blair Bonnett
2020-07-19Update to version 0.8.1.Blair Bonnett
2020-05-20Update to version 0.8.0.Blair Bonnett
2019-10-18Fix tests for pytest 5Rich Li
2019-07-10Update to version 0.7.4Rich Li
2019-05-01Update to version 0.7.1Rich Li
2018-11-05Update to version 0.6.2 and re-enable testsRich Li
2017-10-02Disable the test suiteRichard Lindsley
2017-10-02Update to version 0.4.1Richard Lindsley
2016-12-13Switch to sha256sumRich Li
2016-10-14Update to version 0.3.1Rich Li
2016-08-20Update to version 0.3.0Rich Li
2015-11-07Update to version 0.2.2Rich Li
2015-06-08Import version 0.2.1 from old AURRich Li