AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 daysUpdate to v1.17.0-3 and drop Py2Andy Botting
2019-01-16Update to v1.17.0-1Andy Botting
2018-08-15Update to v1.16.1-1Andy Botting
2018-06-14Update to v1.16.0-1Andy Botting
2018-05-15Update to v1.15.0-1Andy Botting
2018-01-29Update to v1.13.0Andy Botting
2017-11-04Update to v1.12.0-2Andy Botting
2017-10-30Update to v1.12.0Andy Botting
2016-10-11update to 1.5.0Christoph Gysin
2016-02-27update to 0.9.0Christoph Gysin
2016-01-21update to 0.8.1Christoph Gysin
2015-10-30install python2 heat as heat2Christoph Gysin
2015-10-30remove explicit version from dependenciesChristoph Gysin
2015-10-30initial commitChristoph Gysin