AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-16bump package version to 1.4.2Joerg Behrmann
2020-10-16fix typoJoerg Behrmann
2020-10-16update gitignoreJoerg Behrmann
2019-04-15update to upstream release 1.4.1Joerg Behrmann
2019-03-03add missing .SRCINFOJoerg Behrmann
2019-03-03update to new release 1.4.0Joerg Behrmann
2018-10-28package upstream release 1.3.3Joerg Behrmann
2018-01-09Package new upstream version 1.3.2Joerg Behrmann
2017-10-09add optional sympy dependencyJoerg Behrmann
2017-09-06Package new upstream version 1.3.1Joerg Behrmann
2017-05-20Package new upstream version 1.3.0Joerg Behrmann
2017-05-20Ignore extracted tar ballJoerg Behrmann
2017-01-30Fix include dir in build.confJoerg Behrmann
2017-01-26Add note on how to build with MUMPS-supportJoerg Behrmann
2017-01-26Add .gitignoreJoerg Behrmann
2015-12-19Update package to kwant 1.2.2 which requires python >=3.4Joerg Behrmann
2015-10-22Update to upstream release 1.1.1Joerg Behrmann
2015-10-22Update to new upstream release 1.1.0Joerg Behrmann
2015-09-15Initial commitJoerg Behrmann