AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-12Update to v3.12.0.Donald Webster
2024-05-05Bump pkgrel for python 3.12.Donald Webster
2024-04-20Update to v3.11.0.Donald Webster
2024-03-17Add a .gitignore.Donald Webster
2024-03-17Update to v3.10.1.Donald Webster
2024-03-11Update to v3.10.0.Donald Webster
2024-02-28Update to v3.9.0.Donald Webster
2023-05-16update to 3.4.0Marcus Hoffmann
2023-04-10update to v3.3.1Marcus Hoffmann
2023-03-08update to 3.2.0Marcus Hoffmann
2023-01-05bump to 3.0.0Marcus Hoffmann
2022-07-03update to 2.6.3Marcus Hoffmann
2022-02-26update to 2.3.3Marcus Hoffmann
2021-12-13udpate to 2.0.3Marcus Hoffmann
2021-01-13include LICENSE.txt in packageMarcus Hoffmann
2020-12-11archive changedMarcus Hoffmann
2020-03-17update to 1.5.1Marcus Hoffmann
2019-12-02Inital commitMarcus Hoffmann