AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-08Bump pkgrel for Python rebuildsomini
2023-05-08Bump package due to Python 3.11somini
2023-05-08Ignore spurious filessomini
2023-05-08Adopt orphan packagesomini
2022-01-07[python-lunr] Update to 0.6.1D. Can Celasun
2021-09-29[python-lunr] Update to 0.6.0D. Can Celasun
2021-01-25[python-lunr] Update to 0.5.9D. Can Celasun
2020-08-03[python-lunr] Fix upstream URLD. Can Celasun
2020-07-18[python-lunr] Add missing dependencyD. Can Celasun
2020-07-18[python-lunr] Initial versionD. Can Celasun