AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-0917.10Mark Wagie
2021-01-01upgpkg: 0.7.88-2: Python 3.9 rebuildKevin Brodsky
2020-07-19use version matching last DLL updateMark Wagie
2020-04-04updated to 20.03Mark Wagie
2020-02-22query local site packages dirMark Wagie
2019-12-14dropped Python 2 packageyochananmarqos
2019-12-05query local Python version instead of hardcodingyochananmarqos
2019-11-23update for Python 3.8yochananmarqos
2019-10-04updated to 19.09yochananmarqos
2019-07-16updated to 19.07yochananmarqos
2019-04-24PKGBUILD cleanupyochananmarqos
2019-04-24updated to 19.04yochananmarqos
2019-02-24changed from md5sums to sha256sumsyochananmarqos
2019-01-06tweak PKGBUILDMark Wagie
2018-12-11updated to 18.12Mark Wagie
2018-11-24added pkgdesc for pkgbase & added .gitignoreMark Wagie
2018-11-23merged python-mediainfodll & python2-mediainfodll into pkgbaseMark Wagie
2018-09-10Updated to 18.08.1Mark Wagie
2018-09-07Updated to 18.08Mark Wagie
2018-09-04tidied PKGBUILDMark Wagie
2018-09-03Updated dependenciesMark Wagie
2018-09-02This is now for Python3, python2-mediainfodll is for Python 2Mark Wagie
2018-09-02Initial uploadMark Wagie