AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-26quick fix on checksumLiam Timms
2020-10-26version bumpLiam Timms
2020-07-19useful commit messageLiam Timms
2020-04-25version bumpLiam Timms
2020-03-11version bump and license fixLiam Timms
2020-01-27update to 3.0.1Liam Timms
2019-12-18update to 3.0.0Liam Timms
2019-12-13minor fixes to maintainer header, added dependency on python-six and updated ...Liam Timms
2019-09-26Update to 2.5.1Roosted7
2019-05-26Updates to version 2.4.0wedjat
2019-03-03Update to version 2.3.3Adrin Tymroek
2018-10-28Updated to version 2.3.1wedjat
2018-07-21Resolved error caused by '>=' in optdepends. Updated to 2.3.0wedjat
2018-03-13New maintainer; update to version 2.2.1wedjat
2016-12-02fixed dependenciesMasoud
2016-12-01Updated to version 2.1.0Masoud
2015-06-17Initial importMasoud