AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-19Update to 0.7.1 and drop python2 supportSébastien Leduc
2021-06-30Update to 0.6.4.Sébastien Leduc
2016-08-16Bump to 0.6.1Sébastien Leduc
2016-04-09Bump to 0.6.0Sébastien Leduc
2015-12-06Bump to 0.5.0Sébastien Leduc
2015-11-15Bump to 0.4.6Sébastien Leduc
2015-10-17bump to 0.4.4Sébastien Leduc
2015-09-12Bump python-nmap to 0.4.3Sébastien Leduc
2015-09-10Fix URL and source (moved on upstream website)Sébastien Leduc
2015-09-06setuptools is not required (uses distutils) + add makedepends to python/python2Sébastien Leduc
2015-08-23bump to 0.4.1Sébastien Leduc
2015-08-02Bump to version 0.4.0Sébastien Leduc
2015-07-12Create a split package for python{,2}-nmapSébastien Leduc
2015-06-13Initial importSébastien Leduc