AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-01add conflict with python-semver due to same Python package nameTomislav Ivek
2022-04-290.8.1Tomislav Ivek
2022-04-27rename downloaded .tar.gzTomislav Ivek
2021-12-13force a rebuild for python 3.10Tomislav Ivek
2021-09-28fix broken packageImperator Storm
2021-09-17fix package sourceTomislav Ivek
2021-09-16fix upstream after repo renameTomislav Ivek
2020-12-04remove fakeroot build dependencyTomislav Ivek
2019-11-30python-node-semver 0.8.0Tomislav Ivek
2019-10-09add fakeroot to makedependsTomislav Ivek
2019-09-240.7.0Tomislav Ivek
2018-12-04python-node-semver 0.5.0Tomislav Ivek
2018-11-02python-node-semver 0.5.0Tomislav Ivek
2018-08-29fix .SRCINFOTomislav Ivek
2018-08-29Version bump to trigger rebuild on Python 3.7Tomislav Ivek
2018-01-14python-node-semver 0.3.0Tomislav Ivek
2017-09-21node-semver 0.2.0Tomislav Ivek
2017-01-07Bump pkgrel to force rebuild for Python 3.6Tomislav Ivek
2016-11-26First commitTomislav Ivek