AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
34 hoursauto updated to 1.24.2Auto update bot
2022-12-27auto updated to 1.24.1Auto update bot
2022-12-19auto updated to 1.24.0Auto update bot
2022-11-20auto updated to 1.23.5Auto update bot
2022-10-13auto updated to 1.23.4Auto update bot
2022-09-10auto updated to 1.23.3Auto update bot
2022-08-15auto updated to 1.23.2Auto update bot
2022-08-09auto updated to 1.23.1Auto update bot
2022-07-04added procps-ng to makedependsJingbei Li
2022-07-01upgraded to 1.23.0Jingbei Li
2021-07-28Version 1.21.1 - Missing pkver on .SRCINFO=
2021-07-28Version 1.21.1=
2021-06-07Version 1.20.3davidalb97
2021-02-22Version 1.20.1Xuanrui Qi
2020-12-05New release for Python upgradeXuanrui Qi
2020-12-01Version 1.19.4Xuanrui Qi
2020-07-26update to 1.9.1 and use gccMonson Shao
2020-01-07v1.18.1Vladimir Khodygo
2019-12-24v.1.18.0 releaseVladimir Khodygo
2019-11-18sha256sum fixVladimir Khodygo
2019-11-18v1.17.4, no python2 supportVladimir Khodygo
2019-05-29v1.16.4, remove redundant fix Vladimir Khodygo
2019-04-27v1.16.3Vladimir Khodygo
2019-02-27v1.16.2Vladimir Khodygo
2019-02-10temp fix -- now can build scipy-mklVladimir Khodygo
2019-02-09v1.16.1; comment unused code; optimization; one test fails, see githubVladimir Khodygo
2019-01-16fix name collision; remove old icc fixVladimir Khodygo
2019-01-16New release based on numpy v1.16.0Vladimir Khodygo
2018-12-14bumped to 1.5.4, removed conv-template rename for python2, removed python3- r...Ilya Elenskiy
2018-08-111.15.0-1Simone Riva
2018-07-061.14.5Simone Riva
2018-05-121.14.3Simone Riva
2018-03-171.14.2Simone Riva
2018-03-151.14.1Simone Riva
2018-02-121.14.0-1Simone Riva
2018-02-121.14.0Simone Riva
2017-12-261.13.3-3Simone Riva
2017-10-231.13.3-2Simone Riva
2017-10-221.13.3-2Simone Riva
2017-10-221.13.3-2Simone Riva
2017-10-07v1.13.3Simone Riva
2017-10-01v1.13.2Simone Riva
2017-08-101.13.1-1Simone Riva
2017-06-171.13.0-3Simone Riva
2017-06-151.13.0-2Simone Riva
2017-06-141.13.0-1Simone Riva
2017-05-241.12.1-1Simone Riva
2017-05-241.12.1-1Simone Riva
2017-02-111.12.0-3Simone Riva
2017-02-111.12.0-3Simone Riva