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2021-04-24Update to 2021. Bonnett
2021-03-25Update to 2021. Bonnett
2021-03-11Update to 2021. Bonnett
2021-03-09Update to 2021. Bonnett
2020-11-08Update to 2020. Bonnett
2020-09-05Update to 2020. Bonnett
2020-05-20Update to 2020. Bonnett
2020-05-12Update to 2020. Bonnett
2020-05-02Update to 2020. Bonnett
2020-04-29Update to 2020. Bonnett
2020-04-25Update to 2020. Bonnett
2020-04-24Apply fix for deprecated import in Numba.Blair Bonnett
2020-04-23Update to 2020. Bonnett
2019-12-14Update to 2019. Bonnett
2019-10-05Update to 2019. Bonnett
2019-10-01Update to 2019. Bonnett
2019-09-29Apply patch to fix failing tests for some users.Blair Bonnett
2019-09-28Fix dependencies, enable tests, quote variables.Blair Bonnett
2019-08-05Set package_version environment variable.Blair Bonnett
2019-08-05Initial package of 2019. Bonnett