AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-18reduce build jobsM. Greyson Christoforo
2023-11-17rebuild for new vtkM. Greyson Christoforo
2023-11-16rev up to match opencascade-1:7.7.2's releaseM. Greyson Christoforo
2023-11-16update srcinfoM. Greyson Christoforo
2023-11-16fix buildM. Greyson Christoforo
2023-04-20add srcinfoGrey Christoforo
2023-04-20vtk version can be unlocked now because a bug in opencascade has been solved ...Grey Christoforo
2023-03-24relax vtk depGreyson Christoforo
2023-03-20pin deps and spruce up buildGreyson Christoforo
2022-12-05add missing depGreyson Christoforo
2022-12-03fix pywrap hashGreyson Christoforo
2022-11-24add fmt depGreyson Christoforo
2022-11-10fix package versionGreyson Christoforo
2022-11-08bump version and fix buildGreyson Christoforo
2022-02-15add conflictGrey Christoforo
2022-02-15update check()Grey Christoforo
2022-02-15fix conflicts&providesGrey Christoforo
2022-02-15bump versionGrey Christoforo
2021-01-26fix version spec mistakeGreyson Christoforo
2021-01-26 make sure joblib worksGrey Christoforo
2020-11-28add srcinfoGreyson Christoforo
2020-11-28build with gcc 10Greyson Christoforo
2020-11-22add missing depsGreyson Christoforo
2020-11-16use packaged headers to fix buildGrey Christoforo
2020-11-16bump versionGrey Christoforo
2020-11-02syntax changesGreyson Christoforo
2020-09-25add missing depGrey Christoforo
2020-08-28add missing depGrey Christoforo
2020-08-23seems to workGrey Christoforo
2020-08-22wipGrey Christoforo
2020-08-22initial commitGrey Christoforo