AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-21remove thingssL1pKn07
2022-10-29python-onnxruntime: re-enable LTOChih-Hsuan Yen
2022-10-25python-onnxruntime: split C++ and Python libraries & some other changesChih-Hsuan Yen
2022-10-23Add `-c protocol.file.allow=always` to my other packagesChih-Hsuan Yen
2022-08-27fix building with flatbuffers 2.0.7Chih-Hsuan Yen
2022-08-05[lilac] updated to 1.12.1-1lilac
2022-07-23update to 1.12.0Chih-Hsuan Yen
2022-05-30misc improvementsChih-Hsuan Yen
2022-04-28[lilac] updated to 1.11.1-1lilac
2022-04-24add a patch to make it build with protobuf 3.20Chih-Hsuan Yen
2022-03-27[lilac] updated to 1.11.0-1lilac
2022-03-04fix compatibility with newer flatbuffersChih-Hsuan Yen
2021-12-31various fixes/improvementsChih-Hsuan Yen
2021-12-15[lilac] updated to 1.10.0-4lilac
2021-12-13[lilac] updated to 1.10.0-2lilac
2021-11-26add workarounds for issues reported on AURChih-Hsuan Yen
2021-11-06[lilac] updated to 1.9.1-4lilac
2021-10-05[lilac] updated to 1.9.1-1lilac
2021-09-25[lilac] updated to 1.9.0-2lilac
2021-08-13[lilac] updated to 1.8.2-3lilac
2021-07-23disable LTOChih-Hsuan Yen
2021-07-08[lilac] updated to 1.8.1-1lilac
2021-06-29[lilac] updated to 1.8.0-5lilac
2021-06-03Enable CUDA and update patches for 1.8.0Chih-Hsuan Yen
2021-04-08[lilac] updated to 1.7.2-1lilac
2021-03-05[lilac] updated to 1.7.1-1lilac
2021-03-04[lilac] updated to 1.7.0-2lilac
2020-12-12[lilac] updated to 1.6.0-2lilac
2020-10-30[lilac] updated to 1.5.3-1lilac
2020-10-15[lilac] updated to 1.5.2-1lilac
2020-10-01[lilac] updated to 1.5.1-2lilac
2020-07-18[lilac] updated to 1.4.0-2lilac
2020-06-17update by lilaclilac
2020-05-31update by lilaclilac
2020-05-09update by lilaclilac
2020-05-08update by lilaclilac
2020-03-11update by lilaclilac
2020-03-08update by lilaclilac
2020-02-22update by lilaclilac
2020-01-24update by lilaclilac
2019-12-22Update and fix buildingChih-Hsuan Yen
2019-12-17update by lilaclilac
2019-12-16update by lilaclilac
2019-11-15update by lilaclilac
2019-10-31update by lilaclilac
2019-10-29update by lilaclilac