AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-28Build from latest commitPatrick Mischke
2023-10-26Add cmake dependencyPatrick Mischke
2023-10-20Copy over manually as pip doesn'tPatrick Mischke
2023-07-31Add dependenciesPatrick Mischke
2023-06-06Update versionPatrick Mischke
2023-05-31Update dependenciesPatrick Mischke
2023-05-08upstream has been updated, patches removedPatrick Mischke
2023-05-08Make latest master build on my systemPatrick Mischke
2023-03-17Switch to latest git commitPatrick Mischke
2022-09-19Update versionPatrick Mischke
2021-08-31Fix issues with buildPatrick Mischke
2021-08-30Initial commitPatrick Mischke