AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-13force a rebuild for python 3.10Tomislav Ivek
2020-12-04remove fakeroot as explicit build dependencyTomislav Ivek
2020-04-08patch-ng 1.17.4Tomislav Ivek
2020-03-11patch-ng 1.17.3Tomislav Ivek
2019-12-11patch-ng 1.17.2Tomislav Ivek
2019-11-30forgot .SRCINFOTomislav Ivek
2019-11-30bump to rebuild for Python 3.8Tomislav Ivek
2019-11-11patch-ng 1.17.1 initial commit, forked from patchTomislav Ivek
2019-10-09add fakeroot to makedependsTomislav Ivek
2018-08-29Bump pkgrel to force rebuild for Python 3.7Tomislav Ivek
2017-01-07Bump pkgrel to force rebuild for Python 3.6Tomislav Ivek
2016-08-21cleanupTomislav Ivek
2016-08-20Initial commit.Tomislav Ivek