AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysBump version to 0.9.4Carlos Aznarán
2024-01-12Bump version to 0.9.3Carlos Aznarán
2023-12-22Bump version to 0.9.2Carlos Aznarán
2023-10-13Refresh dependenciesCarlos Aznarán
2023-08-31upgpkg: python-pot 0.9.1-1Leo Mao
2023-05-01upgpkg: python-pot 0.9.0-1Leo Mao
2022-06-17upgpkg: python-pot 0.8.2-1Leo Mao
2022-01-23upgpkg: python-pot Mao
2021-11-08upgpkg: python-pot 0.8.0-1Leo Mao
2021-08-28upgpkg: python-pot 0.7.0-1Leo Mao
2019-11-27upgpkg: python-pot 0.6.0-1Leo Mao
2019-09-26upgpkg: python-pot 0.6.0-2Leo Mao
2019-01-03Initial upload: python-cupy 5.1.0-1Leo Mao
2019-01-03Initial upload: python-pot 0.5.1-1Leo Mao