AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-02Force rebuild for Python 3.9Gabriel Souza Franco
2020-11-08Fix missing python2 dependencyGabriel Souza Franco
2020-10-01Update pkgver()Gabriel Souza Franco
2019-11-14Bump version for python 3.8 rebuildGabriel Souza Franco
2018-10-10Copy bindings to more accessible locationsGabriel Souza Franco
2017-11-01Install systemd service and PKGBUILD cleanupGabriel Souza Franco
2015-07-20Fix split package build again (makedepends)Timothée Ravier
2015-07-20Bump epoch to make pkgver conform to guidelinesTimothée Ravier
2015-07-20Fix selective split buildTimothée Ravier
2015-07-20Fix 'make man' invocationTimothée Ravier
2015-07-20Add man pagesTimothée Ravier
2015-07-18Imported from the AURv3, merged with python2 versionTimothée Ravier