AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-24Update to 0.4.4Ali Molaei
2024-04-30Don't use checksum for git as pamac seems to have problems with itAli Molaei
2024-04-28Add git to make-deps, add checksumAli Molaei
2024-03-08Use tags instead of commits, Update to 0.4.3Ali Molaei
2023-11-16Use commit insted of tagsAli Molaei
2023-11-07Remove python-psutil from dependenciesAli Molaei
2023-11-02Add python-proton-vpn-killswitch and python-proton-vpn-network-manager to dep...Ali Molaei
2023-11-01Initial commitAli Molaei