AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-20Bump to v2.8.4Sam Whited
2019-06-14Bump to v2.8.3Sam Whited
2019-04-14Bump to v2.8.2Sam Whited
2019-04-06Update SRCINFO (oops)Sam Whited
2019-04-06Bump to 2.8.1Sam Whited
2019-04-04Bump to 2.8Sam Whited
2019-01-23Bump to 2.7.7Sam Whited
2018-12-26Add missing provides lineSam Whited
2018-12-26Support Python 2 as wellSam Whited
2018-12-26Minor updates to better follow packaging standardsSam Whited
2018-12-15Bump to Whited
2018-11-09Bump to 2.7.6Sam Whited
2018-10-01Fix license, deps, arch, and misc cleanupSam Whited
2018-09-12Initial commit of version 2.7.5Sam Whited