AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-10Update to version 2.2.0.Médéric Boquien
2021-12-13Update for python 3.10.Médéric Boquien
2021-07-04Make the dependencies more accurate and improve the installation. Modificatio...Médéric Boquien
2021-07-03Update to version 2.1.1.Médéric Boquien
2019-11-14Update for python 3.8.Médéric Boquien
2018-02-11Update to version 2.0.Médéric Boquien
2017-01-06Bump for new python version (correctly this time).Médéric Boquien
2017-01-06Update to version 1.2.Médéric Boquien
2015-06-21Initial import 1.1.4Médéric Boquien