AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-29Upgrading to version 0.9.16Fredy García
2023-02-01Upgrading to version 0.9.15Fredy García
2022-09-21Upgrading to version 0.9.14Fredy García
2022-08-04Upgrading to version 0.9.13Fredy García
2022-01-27Upgrading to version 0.9.11Fredy García
2022-01-17Upgrading to version 0.9.10Fredy García
2021-09-12Upgrading to version 0.9.9Fredy García
2021-08-07Upgrading to version 0.9.8Fredy García
2020-12-05Bump pkgrel to compile with python 3.9frealgagu
2020-02-15Upgrading to version 0.9.7frealgagu
2018-12-16Using full srcdir path.frealgagu
2018-11-08Compiling in chroot.frealgagu
2018-03-31Adding correct licensefrealgagu
2018-03-20Using github release package instead of
2018-03-08Adding sha256sum to .ascfgarcia
2018-01-14DisowningMichael Straube
2018-01-03Update to 0.9.6Michael Straube
2017-02-04Update PKGBUILDMichael Straube
2017-01-30gpg, arch = anyMichael Straube
2017-01-25v 0.9.5Michael Straube
2016-09-28v 0.9.4padfoot
2015-07-19Version 0.9.3-1: Initial commitpadfoot