AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-07Version 1.6.1John Gerritse
2022-12-19Added python-setuptools as a dependencyJohn Gerritse
2022-12-08Version 1.6.0 and migration off setup.pyJohn Gerritse
2022-04-11Version 1.4.2John Gerritse
2022-03-11New version: 1.4.1John Gerritse
2022-01-07Minor improvement to the PKGBUILDJohn Gerritse
2021-12-22Version 1.3.1John Gerritse
2021-10-07Package update, version 1.3.0John Gerritse
2021-06-19Fixed silly bug in the URL, thanks to miguelbernadiJohn Gerritse
2021-06-19Update to version 1.2.0John Gerritse
2020-03-25Initial commitb6b