AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-31Bump version to 1.9.20Adam Goldsmith
2022-05-08Bump version to 1.9.18Adam Goldsmith
2022-01-31Patch to build with fixed module name and no RPATHAdam Goldsmith
2022-01-31Explicitly set locale for testsAdam Goldsmith
2022-01-31Bump version to 1.9.17Adam Goldsmith
2021-11-08Bump version to 1.9.16, rewrite to use generic `python` commandsAdam Goldsmith
2021-08-08Bump version to 1.9.15, remove hackAdam Goldsmith
2021-05-19Bump version to 1.9.13Adam Goldsmith
2020-06-01Bump version to 1.9.12Adam Goldsmith
2019-12-16Bump version to 1.9.11Adam Goldsmith
2019-07-31Bump version to 1.9.10, re-enable testsAdam Goldsmith
2019-06-27Bump version to 1.9.9, switch to new hosting URLAdam Goldsmith
2018-02-15Updated to 1.9.5Barry Smith
2017-01-18 Bump to 1.9.4Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-09-10 Bump to 1.9.3Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-05-15 Bump to 1.9.2 and cleanupYen Chi Hsuan
2016-05-14 Bump to 1.9.1Yen Chi Hsuan
2015-12-25 Bump to 1.8.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2015-04-17Add python-pysvnYen Chi Hsuan