AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-01Update to v1.2.1.Donald Webster
2023-04-11Update to v1.2.0.Donald Webster
2021-12-12Bump pkgrel to trigger rebuild for python 3.10.Donald Webster
2021-07-04Drop python2 support.Donald Webster
2021-04-10Update to v1.1.0.Donald Webster
2021-01-30Remove tests :(Donald Webster
2021-01-30Update to v1.0.0.Donald Webster
2020-12-02Bump pkgrel for Python 3.9.0.Donald Webster
2019-07-23PKGBUILD cleanup.Donald Webster
2019-07-22Add check() and fix depends.Donald Webster
2019-06-22Pull in python2-schedule too.Donald Webster
2019-06-21Use the *right* fancy path.Donald Webster
2019-06-21Make into split package to add python2-schedule, but leave off python2-schedu...Donald Webster
2019-06-21Add .gitignore.Donald Webster
2019-06-21Update to v0.6.0.Donald Webster
2017-12-27Update sourceDylan Whichard
2017-12-09Update to 0.5.0Dylan Whichard
2015-10-25Fix url in srcinfoDylan Whichard
2015-10-25Bump pkgrel for python 3.5Dylan Whichard
2015-08-04Initial importDylan Whichard