AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysUpdate to v1.31.0-2 and drop Py2Andy Botting
2019-03-14Update to v1.31.0-1Andy Botting
2019-01-16Update to v1.30.0-2Andy Botting
2018-11-05Update to v1.30.0-1Andy Botting
2018-08-15Update to v1.29.0-1Andy Botting
2018-05-15Update to v1.28.0-1Andy Botting
2018-03-25Update to v1.27.1-1Andy Botting
2018-01-29Update to v1.26.0Andy Botting
2017-10-18Update to v1.24.0Andy Botting
2017-04-12Update to v1.19.0-2Andy Botting
2017-04-07Update to v1.19.0Andy Botting
2017-01-13Initial commit of python-shadeAndy Botting