AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-06update: v0.30.4TurtleRuss
2024-04-30update to 0.30.3TurtleRuss
2022-01-25Update to 0.26.0novenary
2021-12-13Python 3.10 rebuildnovenary
2021-12-04Update to 0.25.0novenary
2021-09-03Update to 0.24.0novenary
2021-08-21Update to 0.23.3novenary
2021-07-10Update to 0.22.6novenary
2021-03-31Update to 0.21.3novenary
2021-03-04Add missing dependency on ifaddrnovenary
2021-03-04Update to 0.21.2novenary
2020-12-12Python 3.9 rebuildDan Elkouby
2020-10-30Update to 0.20Dan Elkouby
2020-03-28Update to 0.19Dan Elkouby
2020-01-18Update to 0.18.1Dan Elkouby
2019-11-16Python 3.8 rebuildDan Elkouby
2019-05-21Remove check()Daniel M. Capella
2019-05-200.17 and add check()Daniel M. Capella
2018-10-18Update to 0.16Dan Elkouby
2018-08-13Python 3.7 rebuildDan Elkouby
2018-05-140.15Dan Elkouby
2018-04-06Give the source a unique nameDan Elkouby
2018-02-180.14Dan Elkouby
2018-01-05Update to 0.13Dan Elkouby
2017-01-09Missing dependencyDan Elkouby
2017-01-09upgpkg: soco 0.12-1Dan Elkouby
2016-04-19Add missing makedependDan Elkouby
2016-01-14Initial importDan Elkouby